Club Rides

Riding with the AVP

While we ride most days of the week, our regular slots are as follows:
  • Tuesday 18:30 - TT 10s [May - July] 
  • Wednesday 10:00 - Wednesday Wibblers - Meet at Fisherman’s Gap Seaton EX12 2LN
  • Thursday 18:30 - Club Ride - Meet at The Kings Arms Seaton EX12 2AN
  • Friday 10:00 - Friday Flyers - Meet at Seaton Tram Station EX12 2TB
  • Saturday 10:00 am - Coffee Club - Meet at The Filling Station Colyford EX24 6QQ
  • Sunday 08:00 - 8amers - Meet at Seaton Coach Park EX12 2PB
See our Rides Calendar for full details.

Non-members are welcomed to cycle with us for 2 rides before joining as a full club member.

While a very friendly and informal club, we insist all our Pedallers abide by a set of fundamental rules which keep us safe and happy when out cycling together:

  1. Terms & Conditions 
  2. eBike Policy
  3. Cycling Etiquette 

If you would like to join us on a ride, please feel free to contact us via the Contact section of our British Cycling page.

In the meantime here are a few of our classic routes.